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One of them will be perfect for you today, while giving you room to grow tomorrow.
If you’re not sure where you should start, contact us for a consultation with one of our experienced Yoga Advisors.
Our goal is to get you on your mat feeling confident, strong and ready to grow!

If you have any injuries, please let us know. We are here to help.
Our teachers have experience that will help you have a better experience!

~ Basic ~

Fundamental Flow

This class is for beginners. Begin at the very beginning. Your teacher will guide you thru the basics of how to flow, based on the Sun Salutations, with proper alignment and execution. This class is slow and steady giving you the opportunity to ask questions, get enhancements and learn from the start how to move thru a traditional vinyasa class. 


The Warm Fix

Our one-hour class to resuscitate your life when time is not on your side. This class will tweak your body and mind so you can get back to your life feeling recharged, renewed, and revived.

This is the same class known as "The Fix" (listed under intermediate below) but at Masala on Main: Yoga Sanctuary. It’s heated but not as hot (and extreme) as the Bluff Rd studio.


Restore Renew

Had a rough day, rough weekend? Need to slow down and regroup? Want your yoga fix but feeling sluggish and unmotivated? This class is guaranteed to restore your spirits and renew your alignment. It is an hour of restorative poses. You’ll use blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters to support the body. In these propped up poses your body will relax and realign and you might even forget your name! It is a great addition to your regular yoga practice and an awesome cross training tool for any athlete (great for those new to yoga).

Align + Flow

Challenge your body by building your poses from the ground up. In this 1 hour class you will align your body for optimal flow of energy. When our bodies are aligned, our minds begin to truly let go and we can experience the flow of life with greater ease.

All levels welcomed.



Is a one-of-a-kind class in South Carolina, designed for the able of mind and challenged of body.  Our highly trained teacher and her assistants work with disabled students to tailor the practice of yoga to students’ individual abilities and needs because Yoga is For Everyone.


Flow to Yin

Start off with warming sun salutations and wind down into long held ahhhhh moments. Variations on the traditional sun salute will prepare the body to open up. Once the body is warm and the blood flowing, its ready to settle into deeper longer stretches and let go. While the pace may be a bit quicker at first, this class is excellent for our newer students preparing to advance their practice (great for those new to yoga).


~ Intermediate ~


This is our signature class for those who are ready to lengthen their stride! In Run our teachers’ instruction gives you the freedom to set your own pace. Prepare to move out of your comfort zone and be fearless. You’ll practice more advanced poses, from splits to arm balances, and maybe you’ll even flip your dog.

The Fix

Our one-hour class to resuscitate your life when time is not on your side. When you need your yoga fix and can’t fit it into your busy day, this class will tweak your body and mind so you can get back to your life feeling recharged, renewed, and revived. Come to The Fix prepared to do your sun salutations, twist, turn, bend and begin again.


Yoga for Lunch

Step out of the office, step out of your life, step onto your mat, reconnect with yourself, then go back and go get ‘em! Take a deep breath, feel your body, reset your mind, begin again. This class is designed to fit into your lunch hour. It’s 40 minutes of yoga, 40 minutes of you time, 40 minutes of ahhhhh in the middle of life!


The Cure: Crunches for Lunches

Is our Pilates class that heats up the core and irons out the wrinkles. Pilates was designed by a man for boxers who take a beating, In this class be prepared to work deep and fast. It will give your body strength and endurance to take on the world, walk a little taller and stand more firmly in your bodies own innate strength. We promise you’ll walk out 6 inches taller and your body will thank you!


~ Advanced ~

The Power Fix

The Power Fix is our one-hour class on steroids to resuscitate your life when time is not on your side. This class is designed for those with an advanced practice. When you need your yoga fix fast and furious this class will tweak your body and mind like nothing else. Yes, you will get back to your life feeling recharged, renewed, and revived, but also stronger, fearless AND ready to roll into your evening having left your day far behind (experience required).

Savage Sunday

Get ready to change your life!
Savage Sunday is a serious sun salute based class. Fast paced requiring strength, deep breathing ability and dynamic movement. It is meant to challenge you and your existing practice, to make you sweat, to have some fun, and to try inversions!

Not recommended for beginners who do not have a basic knowledge of yoga postures.



Short + Savage

This is our shortened version of Savage Sunday!
It’s shorter, it’s faster and its definitely NOT for beginners!




Private Sessions and Parties

We are also available for private sessions and private parties