Wild Woman Workshop Retreat
10:00 AM10:00

Wild Woman Workshop Retreat

Recharge + Restore + Renew
Has this early Spring sprung your soul?
Feel like you’ve already wilted before you even got a chance to bloom?
What’s something you can do today to begin the journey into yourself and realize your dreams?

Join us at Masala on Main for our Wild Women’s Workshop:
An in-house retreat designed to recharge and renew your soul.

The day will begin with a strong yoga practice designed to tap into your inner strength and align your chakras. Next you will focus on your soul. Where are you now? Where are you going? What do you need to do to get there?

After a nourishing lunch Katie Stephens of SoulShine Studios will show you how to revitalize your skin with a lymphatic facial massage.

The day will end with a restorative and reiki sequence designed just for you!

This workshop promises to send you out into the world with a renewed sense of energy drive and motivation.

What’s stopping you?
Sign up before March 15th for 10% off!

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Inversion Workshop
12:30 PM12:30

Inversion Workshop

Flip Your World
Even though doing yoga isn’t just about going upside down- don’t you want to try to? Flip your world view? See things from a new point of view? Inversions aren’t just your yoga party trick!- did you know there are tons of health benefits to inverting your practice? Join Haley and turn it up-side down!

In this workshop you’ll learn how to go upside down safely and practice postures such as: headstand, handstand, shoulder stand, and forearm stand. Get ready to learn the tricks and tips of including inversions in your everyday practice!

$ 15.00
Early Bird Rate (Register Before 2/27)

$ 20.00
Regular Price

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